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Follow us on Facebook - click hereWe're a Suffolk-based publishing company growing to meet the needs of our readers. Our coverage now includes children's books (reception, years 1 and 2), working dogs (article-based and reference) and historical fiction with other areas in the pipeline. So if you're an author, new or old, and you're looking to put pen to paper then contact us
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Working Dogs & Country Pursuits
Fiction & Non-Fiction
Children's Books
Sector 22: Zoey by Antony Hudson
SECTOR 22: Zoey
by Antony Hudson
ISBN 978 0 9927451 4 1 Price £7.99
A stunning new sci-fi story, two worlds running side by side, on a collision course that will define the future … the bootstrap paradox. - more >
The Working Lurcher - the traditional skills by Jackie Drakeford
THE WORKING LURCHER - the traditional skills
by Jackie Drakeford
ISBN 978 0 9927451 1 0 Price £17.50
Updated 2nd edition  

1st edition published by Swan Hill Press 2006

A passion for working lurchers has been the driving force behind this book. With many of their traditional skills now difficult to uphold within the law, there is the risk of losing honest experience of what lies at the heart of this tremendously versatile working dog - more >
Trail-Hunting, Rabbiting and Ratting with Hounds and Terriers - A Modern Approach to Traditional Hunting by J C Jeremy Hobson
A Modern Approach to Traditional Hunting
by J C Jeremy Hobson
ISBN 978 0 9927451 2 7 Price £17.50
Bang up-to-date, this book covers the legislation brought about by the 2004 Hunting Act and also broaches subjects rarely before tackled in a book of this nature – as well as going off at fascinating (but relevant) tangents!. - more >
Dogs in Mind by Jackie Drakeford
by Jackie Drakeford
ISBN 978 0 9927451 0 3 Price £17.50
Of value to the academic as well as those of us who simply want a well-behaved dog, this work takes us right inside the dog itself, resolutely exploding myths and mistaken concepts, helping us to see the dog as the amazing creature it is, and so helping it to fit in with our lives - more >
  Europe £3.50
  Rest of World £7.50
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Available shortly, the start of a series of books from Paul Shaw, targeting the 4 to 9 age range ... more >>
Margaret Moore is working on further poems to expand her previously published book,
Short Poems for Little People ... more >>
Freddie the Fox, featuring
Freddie and journeys. Authored by Ron Black with illustrations by Joanne Scott, this should appeal to the 3-7 age range ... more >>

The Cat with the Red Ribbon on his Tail is a new book from Francesca and Georgia Tessarolo ... more >>

A new series of books about Cedric the Seahorse by Jim Wylie ... more >>
Ratting with Terriers by
John Glover
- I don’t ever want
this book to be just about terriers ... more >>
Flogging the Field by Philip Moss, based on characters the author has met as he travels the country at British game fairs... more >>

The Gamekeeper at Home and Abroad by JC Jeremy Hobson.Practical and informative; ‘The Gamekeeper at Home…and Abroad’ is likely to prove a useful addition to the bookshelves of gamekeepers, shooting enthusiasts, followers of hunting and terriers, country-lovers, those who might be considering a possible move to France – and anyone who simply enjoys a good read! ... more >>

D-day landing: Spearhead of the Invasion by R. W. Thompson - more info coming soon!